Controlling Territory, Controlling Voters book premiere

Wed, February 21, 2024 4:00 PM at 303 International Center

The African Studies Center is hosting MSU PLS Associate Professor Dr. Michael Wahman to discuss his new book.

Controlling Territory, Controlling Voters
The Electoral Geography of African Campaign Violence
Michael Wahman
Oxford Studies in African Politics and International Relations

This book:

  • Provides a new electoral geography theory of campaign violence in regionalized electoral systems.
    Gives new insight into the function of campaign violence in countries with low levels of local competition.
  • Analyzes the electoral geography of Malawi and Zambia that demonstrates the importance of electoral stronghold mobilization in contemporary African democracies.
  • Shows a counterintuitive relationship between low levels of local competition and election violence by analyzing the subnational variations in campaign violence in Malawi and Zambia.