MPP Capstone Forum will take place virtually in May

April 16, 2020

Dr. Josh Sapotichne, Director of the Master of Public Policy Program, announced Wednesday that the current MPP cohort will be presenting their capstone projects virtually starting in May.

Typically, MPP students present their research at the spring Capstone Forum, which was scheduled for April 15 this year. The students were scheduled to present their posters as Gov. Jim Blanchard and this year’s keynote speaker Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson discussed their policy work to a diverse audience of “policy professionals, practitioners, elected officials, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, family and university mucky mucks,” wrote Dr. Sapotichne.

“This mid-April, things are far from ordinary. Today we are not able to physically convene. But it is a day for celebration nonetheless,” Dr. Sapotichne wrote. “Our graduating cohort has worked together to develop a multimedia strategy for sharing their insights. In less than a month, this group has not simply adapted to a cascade of new and unprecedented circumstances. Like true policy  professionals, they have innovated and thrived in the face of adversity.”

Instead, the group will present digital posters, videos and policy briefs online in May to allow the audience to experience their capstone projects.

“This cohort is resilient, diligent, and committed to public service as they come. I could not be prouder of what they’ve done and what they’ve grown to become over the last 2 years. I will never forget this cohort nor cease to marvel at their perseverance and tenacity,” wrote Dr. Sapotichne.

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