MSU PLS students create Voters' Guide for local school board elections

October 19, 2020

Students in MSU PLS Associate Professor Sarah Reckhow's Urban Politics class created a website to guide East Lansing voters in selecting their next Board of Education members.

The website includes photographs, biographies, interview questions from each of the 8 candidates for 3 seats. Only one boardmember, Nichole Martin, is seeking re-election.

Other candidates included are: Monica Fink, Elizabeth Guerrero Lyons, Joshua R. Barber, Matthew Heos, Gregory Hess, Dorian Prier and Debbie Walton.

A special section is included on the candidates positions on whether and when East Lansing schools should reopen during COVID-19. They pull their information from the hyperlocal news site

In addition to the candidates, the guide provides information on the East Lansing School Board in general, East Lansing voting logistics and how to register to vote.

"The goal of this website is to provide information about the upcoming election as well as to hopefully encourage residents of East Lansing to vote and make a difference in their local school districts," reads the website.

The research and information for the site was provided by the students. For more information, contact Dr. Reckhow at