MSU PLS PhDs find jobs around the world

March 24, 2022

The achievement of earning a doctorate in political science from MSU has allowed several recent graduates to secure their dream placements following graduation.

In 2021, PhD graduate Dr. Zuhaib Mahmood won a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University. His fellow graduate, Dr. Caleb Lucas, was hired by the RAND Corporation.

Dr. Kangwook Han, a 2020 graduate, is now an Assistant Professor at Jeonbuk National University in South Korea. And Dr. Davia Downey is the Director of the Urban Affairs program at the University of Memphis.

Their successes follow on the heels of other recent graduates including:

  • Lizzie Brannon is an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech
  • Hyunwoo Kim, MSU's Advancing Maternal Health Lab
  • Alon Kraitzman, Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) at the University of Pennsylvania, Howard Deshong Postdoctoral Fellow in the Annenberg Center for Advanced Study in Communication (ACASC)
  • Fang-Yu Chen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Soochow University, Taiwan
  • Petra Hendrickson, Assistant Professor, Northern Michigan University.
  • Kangwook Han, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Jeonbuk National University
  • Jessica Schoenherr, Assistant Professor in Public Law, University of South Carolina
  • Michael Giles, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Notre Dame
  • Nathaniel Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Thomas Bentley, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Elizabeth Lane, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
  • Jamil Scott, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
  • William Isaac, Research Scientist, Google: Deep Mind AI
  • Miles Armaly, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Adam Enders, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
  • Fangjin Ye, Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Brian Kennedy, Senior Researcher, Pew Research Center
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