London Study Abroad 2024: Human rights, Oxford debates, the BBC and much more

July 3, 2024

MSU Political Science Study Abroad program participants have returned from the United Kingdom after an event-filled trip. Led by PLS Professor Dr. Michael Wahman, "British Politics and Society" based in London and included side trips to Brighton, Cardiff and Oxford.

"Some of the highlights included participation in the famous Oxford Union Debate (featuring Count Binface), a South Asian immigration tour with human rights activists in Southall, policy workshop at the Tony Blair Institute, round table about the Conservative Party at Margaret Thatcher’s Center for Policy Studies, visit at the BBC and the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff.

"We met with the MP for Brixton, a local councilor in Brighton, and a Member of the Welsh Parliament. The students also got to canvass with the Liberal Democrats in Wimbledon, and much more," Dr. Wahman said.

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 Students visit a mosque

Students visit a football pitch

Visiting with MP

Students visit BBC

Students in Wales

Students in Oxford