Inaugural Lynch Scholarship awarded to Political Science senior Liz Armstrong

February 14, 2024 - Karessa Weir

MSU PLS senior Liz Armstrong is the first recipient of the Lynch Family Scholarship. She is studying Political Science and minoring in Law, Justice, and Public Policy, and also in her first year of the Linked Master of Public Policy program. 

Liz ArmstrongThe Jon & Tina Lynch Family Promoting Civility Scholarship fund was created last year by two College of Social Science alumni looking for a way to give back to their university. They also wanted the scholarship to encourage young leaders to bring a tone of kindness and civility back into politics and government. This purpose resonated with Liz.

 “In my opinion, there's a lot of turmoil going on in politics and policy making, and not a lot of cooperation and trying to find a solution. So I think it's super important and neat to work toward civility,” Liz said. “I want to keep the conversation going in a more civil way and just engage with people, and encourage them to get involved and vote.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Political Science this spring, Liz will return to MSU for the final year of her Master of Public Policy program. She hopes to get a job in state government initially and someday work for a Washington D.C. think tanks or for a member of Congress.

We’re delighted to have Liz as part of the Linked BA-MPP program. Her commitment to community engagement and building inclusive, healthy communities through policy aligns with the values of the Lynch Family Scholarship – informed, caring, and involved,” said MPP Program Director Erika Rosebrook.

“We are thrilled that Liz is the inaugural recipient of the Lynch Family Scholarship.  Fostering a society where respectful dialogue, understanding, and empathy are encouraged, problems transform into opportunities for collaboration, growth and resolution.  In the art of civility, we discover the profound ability to bridge divides, build bridges and pave the way for solutions that endure beyond conflict. As an ambassador of civility, we are confident that Liz will be a role model for promoting respect, kindness and understanding within our Spartan community and mark the beginning of a legacy that will inspire others to follow,” said Jon and Tina Lynch.

Tina and Jon Lynch

Tina and Jon Lynch, CSS Alumni. Photo by Jackie Belden Hawthorne, College of Social Science.