MGSP 2024 Spotlight: Souad Bazzi

February 5, 2024

INTERN: Souad Bazzi

PLACEMENT: Ingham County Public Defender's Office


Souad Bazzi is a rising junior at Michigan State University, studying Pre-law and Political Science with a minor in law, justice, and public policy.

Growing up as a first-generation Lebanese American from her hometown, Dearborn, Michigan, Souad is deeply committed to inciting change in areas such as immigration rights, reproductive freedom, and bottom-up political advocacy. With a background in a grassroots political campaign, she gained experience in networking with a diverse range of people, directing community engagement, and navigating the complexities of local-level policy processes.

Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career as a public defender and, someday, the House of Representatives to be an unwavering advocate for marginalized groups and the voice for the underrepresented. Outside of her academic endeavors, she enjoys yoga, reading, and playing with her two goldendoodles.

Souad was a recipient of the Michigan Government Semester Program Scholarship for 2024.