Voting Guides to East Lansing and Lansing elections created by Urban Politics students

October 29, 2023

Dr. Sarah Reckhow's Urban Politics class puts together the latest editions of their local voting guide.

East Lansing's guide can be found at:

"The goal of this website is to provide information regarding the upcoming East Lansing Election. We want to increase access to reliable and impartial information to inform residents of their voter needs. This website was created by a Political Science class at Michigan State University and the information used in this website was collected by students. This website is not officially sponsored by the city of East Lansing," the website description reads.

It includes information on the three open City Council seats, as well as the issues of Bailey Street Parking and Police Chief Resignation.  The website also outlines the three proposals to the City Charter, including: chaning the commencement date for city council members, chaning the number of city council members from 5 to 7, and switching to a ranked choice voting system.

The Lansing City Election Guide 2023 is at:

It also includes photos and profiles of candidates for the Lansing City Council, charter proposals, voting logistics and key issues.