Jeanette Dompreh

Jeanette   Dompreh
  • Political Science Scholar
  • Department of Political Science


Jeanette Dompreh is a graduate of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences in Chicago, IL. Currently majoring in Political Science with minors in Data Science, Sociology, and Law, Justice, and Public Policy, Jeanette's passion lies at the intersection of political and data sciences.

Engaged in the Mekong Culture WELL Project, she serves as both a data scientist and policy analyst, exploring the environmental impact of hydropower dams in Southeast Asia through statistical modeling and various machine learning techniques. Jeanette's passion lies in utilizing data to analyze and predict political phenomena, uncover patterns in political behavior, and guide decision-making processes. This deep-rooted interest, coupled with a belief in the potential of data-driven governance to reshape our political landscape, propels her aspiration to become a data scientist for a political consulting firm or government agency.