Lauren Hauler

Lauren  Hauler
  • Political Science Scholar
  • 2021-22


Lauren Hauler is a graduate of Springport High School in Springport, MI. Lauren is majoring in Community Engagement (RCAH) with a minor in International Development.

"From searching case numbers to staying updated on personal protection requirements, the average citizen is now painfully aware of the importance of reliable information. As countless scholars have illustrated, at times of political and social instability people are more likely to seek alternative sources to find simple answers to life's complex problems that align with their pre-existing beliefs and values. This is particularly demonstrated by the growing divide between the no-mask movement, and science-following citizens. It has become critical to analyze how these non-mask wearers receive their information. A quick scroll through opposing opinions on any platform will reveal that Corona Virus non-believers are not as much to blame as their personalized algorithm. This extreme polarization reinforced by algorithms has made me passionate about furthering my understanding of the most effective ways to use the internet to negotiate conflicting values/interests to initiate change on a local level. After numerous years of practical experience, I plan to establish an interactive news organization that enforces transparency as well as highlights positive local efforts to empower the average person to partake in social change."