Ava McCoy

Ava  McCoy
  • Political Science Scholar
  • Department of Political Science


Ava McCoy is a graduate of Palos Verdes High School in Los Angeles, California and is a Political Science Pre- Law major.

"I have always had a deep passion for United States history particularly the evolution of
marginalized groups’ civil rights throughout America’s timeline. At Michigan State, I am
fulfilling this passion by minoring in race and ethnicity to further my understanding of the
construction of race and how it pervades into every aspect of our lives. My interests also extend
to international conflict and modern warfare; I have always been fascinated by how America
manages conflict overseas over the course of history. Although my time here at Michigan State
has been cut short due to me graduating a year early, I plan to further my education with a
Master's degree in the international relations realm and potentially going to law school later in
my twenties. I am hoping to pursue a career in a government agency where my interests of civil
rights and international policy intersect, but as I get to know more about myself and what I am
interested in my plans are always subject to change!"