Jaelynn Smith

Jaelynn  Smith
  • Political Science Scholar
  • Department of Political Science


Jaelynn Smith is a current undergraduate in the college of Social Science and the college of Arts and Letters. She is a Political Science major, and currently minoring in Peace and Justice studies on a social science track, as well as Philosophy and Law.

"I come from a town not far from Lansing named Kalamazoo, and there I graduated from Loy Norrix High school. My recent study abroad from Belize has inspired me to begin research towards educational barriers in foreign countries as a direct comparison to the United States. My deep passion for public services fuels my advocacy towards marginalized communities. I am pursuing two PLS programs at this time which are the Legal internship program with Professor O’Shea, and the Government Semester Program with Dr. Marty Jordan for the Spring 2025 school year. These two programs have enhanced my career path post-graduation to pursue a dual degree program with a master's in public policy and a Juris doctorate."