PLS 140: Introduction to Comparative Politics 
Comparative analysis of political systems in first, second, and third-world countries. Alternative methods for comparative cross-cultural analyses of political systems.

PLS 160:  Introduction to International Relations 
Dynamics of conflict and cooperation. Processes of foreign policy decision making. Major international economic issues. Basic future trends. Primary analytical approaches for studying world politics.

PLS 345: Religion and World Politics 
Comparative analysis of the role of religion in politics across world regions. Discussion of major theories and topics in relation to religion-state relations.

PLS 346: Middle East Politics 
Political history, political institutions, political actors, and political culture in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Turkey, Israel, and Iran.

PLS 351: African Politics 
Political institutions and governmental processes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

PLS 352: Latin American Politics 
The political process in Latin America from a comparative perspective. Development, democratization and the role of democratic institutions in the political life.

PLS 354: Politics of Asia 
Political institutions, political actors, and policy-making processes in selected Asian countries.

PLS 356: Politics of Europe and the European Union 
Governmental institutions and processes, political socialization, and political culture in Western Europe and the European Union.

PLS 358: Politics of U.S.S.R and Its Successor States 
Political history, communist ideology, state institutions, and political processes in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

PLS 392: Freshman Seminar
This course will introduce you to the wide world of political science, the areas of work, and the PLS networks that will help you navigate your academic journey. You will have the opportunity to learn about your values, skills, and strengths and how to apply those toward your academic work and career goals. We will also explore a multitude of engagement opportunities available to you as students in the PLS Department. By the end of the course, you will have a success plan that encompasses your personal, academic, extra-curricular, and career goals.