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Relying on social media for news increases support for anti-Muslim policies, new PLS research finds

MSU PLS student Luz Vazquez speaks at national conference

Dr. Eric Gonzalez Juenke awarded the WLI Tomlanovich Equity Research Fund

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MSU PLS expresses solidarity with Jewish community

Young Alumni Spotlight: Gabby Kindig

Dr. Matt Grossmann and IPPSR secure Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Michigan grant

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Janet Yellen will be the first female treasure secretary in the U.S. Why are so few women in top economic posts?

Pete Buttigieg may not know this yet: Rail transportation funding is a racial equity issue

Capitol mob wasn't just angry white men - there were angry white women as well

To fight US racism, research prescribes a nationwide healing process

MSU Political Science department statement condemning racism and anti-Black violence

Political Science Scholar takes top Diversity Research award


Outsiders at Home: Politics of American Islamophobia

MSU PLS student takes prominent role in MSU Juneteenth Celebration

The Commando Effect: The Impact of Gender on Misconduct among Security Force Personnel using Experimental Survey Evidence from Four Countries

Minority Politics/Comparative Politics Speaker: Jóhanna Birnir

Shared Legacies: The African American-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance