Academics Courses and Schedules

  • 2021 Spring Courses
    PLS 800: Proseminar in Political Theory and Research Methods
    Dr. Juenke
    Wednesdays, 9:10am -12:00pm
    PLS 802: Quantitative Techniques in Public Policy and Political Science II
    Dr. Schibber
    Thursdays, 12:40pm -3:30pm
    PLS 809: Proseminar in Formal Theory
    Dr. Houle
    Tuesdays, 9:10am-12:00pm
    PLS 811: Proseminar in Policy Analysis
    Dr. Bali
    Wednesdays, 3:00pm-5:50pm
    PLS 854: Comparative Political Institutions
    Dr. Chang
    Tuesdays, 1:50pm-4:40 pm
    PLS 872: Modern Political Philosophy
    Dr. Melzer
    Tues & Thurs, 5pm-6:20 pm
    PLS 900: Multilevel Models
    Dr. Schibber
    Thursdays, 9:10am-12:00pm
    PLS 950: Research Seminar in Comparative
    Dr. Houle
    Mondays, 4:10pm-7:00pm
  • 2020 Fall Courses

    PLS 801 — Quantitative Techniques in Public Policy and Political Science II
    Prof. Schibber
    TR 3:00-4:20pm Online

    PLS 820 — Proseminar in American Politics
    Prof. Ostrander
    TR 1:00pm-2:20pm Hybrid

    PLS 828 — Public Opinion and Political Behavior
    Prof. Lajevardi
    W 11:30-2:20pm Hybrid

    PLS 850 — Proseminar in Comparative Politics
    Prof. Sarkissian
    T 5:00-7:50pm Hybrid

    PLS 900 — Research Seminar in Political Methodology
    Prof. Minhas
    M 9:10-12:00pm Hybrid

    PLS 960 — Research Seminar in International Politics
    Prof. Bodea
    M 3:00-5:50pm Hybrid

    PLS 970 — Research Seminar in Political Thought
    Prof. Sebell
    R  5:00-7:50pm Hybrid