Placement and Professionalization

We have a successful track record of placement both within and outside of academia.

Recent placements include:

  • Jessica Schoenherr, Assistant Professor in Public Law, University of South Carolina
  • Michael Giles, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Notre Dame
  • Nathaniel Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Thomas Bentley, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Elizabeth Lane, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
  • Jamil Scott, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
  • William Isaac, Research Scientist, Google: Deep Mind AI
  • Miles Armaly, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Adam Enders, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
  • Fangjin Ye, Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Brian Kennedy, Senior Researcher, Pew Research Center

The department offers a variety of opportunities for graduate student professionalization. Preparing students for conferences, teaching, and the job market is a top priority. In addition to our Ph.D. training through coursework, we also offer workshops, training sessions, and mentorship to support students as they prepare for their careers.

One key goal of professionalization in our department is ensuring that students are working with faculty mentors and graduate student colleagues on original research to present at conferences and submit for publication. Here is a sample of recent publications and conference papers by our graduate students, including work co-authored with our faculty:

Connect with our Political Science PhD alumni here.