PhD Alumni

Name Year Current Institution Current Job Title
 Frantzeskakis, Nikolaos 2023 University of Birmingham (UK) Assistant Professor
Dickenson, Kesicia 2023 University of Mississippi Assistant Professor of Political Science and African-American Studies
Brannon, Lizzie 2021 Indiana University Assistant Professor of Political Science
Lucas, Caleb 2021 RAND Corporation Political Scientist
Bichay, Nicolas 2021 Indiana University Assistant Professor, Political Science
Chen, Fang-Yu 2020 Soochow University, Taiwan Assistant Professor
Schoenherr, Jessica 2020 University of South Carolina Assistant Professor
Slonina, Emma 2020 Villanova University Postdoctoral Scholar
Briggs, Erica 2020 Scenic Michigan Executive Director
Giles, Michael  2020 University of Notre Dame Post-Doctoral Scholar
Smith, Nathaniel 2020 Nebraska Wesleyan University Visiting Assistant Professor
DiBlasi, Lora 2020 Citibank
Bentley, Thomas 2020 U.S. Department of Defense
Fram, Daniel 2019 Harvard University Post-Doctoral Scholar
Lane, Elizabeth 2019 Louisiana State University Assistant Professor
Scott, Jamil 2018 Georgetown University Assistant Professor
Snyder, Jacob 2018 Dalton State College Assistant Professor
Isaac, William 2018 DeepMind Senior Research Scientist
Hansen, Daniel 2017 Carnegie Mellon University Post-Doctoral Scholar
Armaly, Miles Travis 2017 University of Mississippi Assistant Professor
Jackson, Bradley Raymond 2017 Institute of Humane Studies, George Mason University Program Officer, Free Speech and Open Inquiry
Lewis, Dominique Helena 2017 Texas A&M University Lecturer
Walker, Douglas Henry 2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison Post-doctoral Fellow
Enders, Adam Michael 2016 University of Louisville Assistant Professor
Han, Sung Min 2016 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Assistant Professor
Smallpage, Steven Michael 2016 Stetson University Assistant Professor
Ye, Fanglin 2016 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai China Assistant Professor
Bowers, Melanie Marie 2015 Rutgers University Assistant Professor
Hendrickson, Petra Marie 2015 Centre College Assistant Professor
Higashijimi, Masaaki 2015 Tohoku University Associate Professor
Kennedy, Brian Thomas 2015 Pew Research Center Senior Researcher
Lupton, Robert Nash 2015 University of Connecticut Assistant Professor
Pan, Hsin-Hsin 2021 Soochow University Assistant Professor of Sociology
Schutte, Rachel Ann 2015 Hope College Assistant Professor
Byham, Jack Clinton 2014 Texas A&M International University Assistant Professor
Crothers, Brian Jeffrey 2014 U.S. Naval Academy Assistant Professor
Huang, Shih-Hao 2021 National Cheng Kung University Assistant Professor
Larnell, Twyla Takeya Blackmond 2014 Loyola University Chicago Assistant Professor
Lavery, Gerard David 2014 Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening Technical Director
Carter, Danielle Shamika 2013 St. Mary's College of Maryland Assistant Professor
Dolgoy, Erin Alexandra 2013 Rhodes College Assistant Professor
Kalmbach, Jason Anthony 2013 Universeity of Wisconsin Oshkosh Assistant Professor
Kerr, Nicholas Nathan 2013 University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa Assistant Professor
Krcatovich, Erin Marie-Sergison 2013 San Jacinto College Lecturer
Ralston, Jonah James 2013 University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Assistant Professor
Snook, Carl Daniel 2013 Kennesaw State University Lecturer
Choi, Hyun Jin 2012 Kyung Hee Univeresity, Seoul Assistant Professor
Elemo, Olufunmbi Modupe 2012 James Madison College, Michigan State University Assistant Professor
Myers, William Martin 2012 University of Tampa Assistant Professor
Pamphilis, Niccole Marie 2012 University of Glasgow Lecturer
Pyle, Kurt Alan 2012 Kenyon College Assistant Professor
Thom, Michael Dennis 2012 University of Southern California Assistant Professor
Wu, Wen-Chin 2012 Academia Sinica, Taiwan Research Associate
Bibby, Andrew Scott 2011 Utah Valley University Assistant Professor
Bromley-Trujillo, Rebecca Elizabeth 2011 Christopher Newport University Assistant Professor
Chen, Tse-Hsin 2011 National Taipei University Assistant Professor
Ciuk, David John 2011 Frankin & Marshall College Assistant Professor
Downey, Davia Cox 2011 University of Memphis Associate Professor of Public Administration and Director, PhD in Urban Affairs Program
Dulani, Boniface Madalitso 2011 Institute of Public Opinion and Research, Zoba, Malawi Research Director
Jung, Changkuk 2011 Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology Visiting Assistant Professor
Lundgren, Benjamin Terrence 2011 James Madison College Michigan State University Visiting Instructor
Park, Johann 2011 Incheon National University, Incheon Korea Assistant Professor
Wood, Frederick Stewart 2011 Coastal Carolina University Associate Professor
Bewick, William James Gordon 2010 Athabasca University Instructor
Kirwin, Matthew Fitzrobert 2010 U.S. State Department Division Chief
Little, Eric Ryan 2010
Menaldo, Mark Antonio 2010 Texas A&M University- Commerce Associate Professor and Department Head of Liberal Studies
Dunn, Kristian Paul 2009 University of Leeds Lecturer
French, Steward Lee 2009 Saginaw State University Associate Professor
Singh, Shane Paul  2009 University of Georgia Associate Professor
Thornton, Judd Ruard 2009 Georgia State University Assistant Professor
Dreyer, David Robert 2008 Lenior-Rhyne University Associate Professor
Duff, Jeremy Franklin 2008 Midwestern State University Texas Associate Professor
Grady, Kristopher B 2008 University of Louisville Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Advisor
Haring-Cozzi, Chelsea Lynn 2008 Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention Executive Director
Lewis, Daniel Clay 2008 Siena College Associate Professor
Orellana, Elbin Salomon 2008 University of Michigan-Dearborn Lecturer
Raile, Eric Donaven 2008 Montana State University Assistant Professor
Wood, Rebecca Danielle 2008 University of Nevada - Las Vegas Associate Professor
Barboza, Gia Elise 2007 University of Colorado Colorado Springs Assistant Professor
Bretton, Phillip 2007 Bretton Job Search Industries Web Analytics Specialist
Gold Chod, Suzanne Melissa 2007 North Central College Associate Professor
Moore, Robert G 2007 Delta College Associate Professor
Pelteir, Jean-Philippe Noel 2007 National Defense College Associate Professor
Robinson, Gregory A. 2007 Binghamton University Associate Professor
Beard, Virgina Ruth-Parish 2006 Hope College Associate Professor
Bauer, Paloma 2006 Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Presenter
Kloha, Philip Andrew 2006
Leibowitz, Lisa Shoichet 2006 Kenyon College Assistant Professor
Cho, Wonbin 2005 Sung Kyun Kwan University Associate Professor
Crespin, Michael H 2005 University of Oklahoma Director and Curator, Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center; Professor
Dorhoi, Monica 2005 Dorhoi International Research Center President and Chief Executive Officer
Maeda, Ko 2005 University of North Texas Associate Professor
Wilson, David C 2005 University of Delaware Associate Professor
Kleinerman, Benjamin 2004 James Madison College Michigan State University Associate Professor
Carson, Jamie L. 2003 University of Georgia UGA Athletic Association Professor of Public and International Affairs
Finocchairo, Charles J 2003 University of Oklahomas Associate Director of the Carl Albert Congressional Research & Studies Center
Kuenzi, Michele 2003 University of Nevada Las Vegas Associate Professor
Lambright, Gina 2003 American University Professorial Lecturer
Lektzian, David 2003 Texas Tech University Associate Professor
Randazzo, Kirk 2003 University of South Carolina Professor
Bonneau, Chris 2002 University of Pittsburg Professor
Souva, Mark 2002 Florida State University Professor
Reno, B. Jeffrey 2001 College of the Holy Cross Associate Professor
Butler, Christopher 2000 The University of New Mexico Associate Professor
Herron, Erik 2000 West Virginia University Eberly Family Professor of Political Science
Martinek, Wendy L 2000 Binghamton University Associate Professor
Benesh, Sara 1999 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Associate Professor and Chair
Hurwitz, Mark S 1998 Western Michigan University Professor
Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin 1997 The University of Iowa F. Wendell Miller Professor